Your TV is Listening To Your Every Word…

Prediction:  The next big film will be about your smart TV listening to your every word and spying on your daily life.

News sites all over the web are talking about Samsung’s Smart TV.  In fact, Samsung even warns consumers to be aware that if your spoken words include personal information, that information can be captured and transmitted to a third party through the voice recognition system on the television.

So, the problem seems to be the type of technology that involves voice recognition and voice activated systems.

This is a great idea for a novelist or a screenplay.  Someone is spying on your private life or doing intelligence spying through your television set.  You think your TV is just a TV… except, it’s not just any old TV set from the 1950s or 60s anymore.

Technology… I’m growing a little tired of the stories about voices that talk to us through machines but aren’t real people.  But this idea about using current technology to spy on real people could be developed into something no one has tackled yet.  It’s all about building blocks… if you could spy on anyone in the world through their television set, who would you spy on?

The secret for all of us when discussing anything private: turn the TV off and unplug it just to be safe.

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