Coloring books for adults?

There’s a fascinating story on The Guardian about coloring books for adults being top sellers on Amazon.

Think about that.  Instead of reading a book that may enlighten, people are needing to relax and color in little spaces.

Escapism is good for the heart and your health.  I escape by watching films or reading a good book with words, sentences and a great story.  I suppose that adult coloring books are filling a need for people to escape from their real lives as they concentrate on putting brilliant colors on the page.

I’m going to ask around.  I don’t know one of my friends who owns an adult coloring book, but they must be selling.  I remember when I was a child, my father would color with us in our kid coloring books.  But he never invested in an adult coloring book.  I don’t even know if they sold adult coloring books when he was alive.

If you can draw, you might want to create an adult coloring book. If they’re truly selling like hotcakes, it’s time to create a best seller.  Hopping over to Amazon now to check out the coloring books for adults…

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