Let’s Play: Read It or Watch It?

Two novels have been scooped up by Hollywood.

Now, the question is:  Read It or Watch It?

Some novels I like to read before I watch the film.

However, reading a novel sometimes ruins watching a film.

So, let’s see what recent rights have been purchased for future filmmaking.

“Luckiest Girl Alive” – According to Deadline.com, Lionsgate bought the rights to the novel “Luckiest Girl Alive” written by Jessica Knoll and published by Simon & Schuster.  It’s about a girl who reinvents herself after high school, ends up in a glamorous job in New York, but something haunts her from her past that could ruin everything. There are many reviews on Amazon, but it sounds as though it could be a great film.  The development process is so important.

This one is easy:  Watch It.  Reese Witherspoon and her partner Bruna Papandrea  are producing “Luckiest Girl Alive,” so I think it will be worth the wait to see the film.  The book will be published on May 12th.  It’s an easy purchase for those who want to read the novel early.

“The Good Girl” – Anonymous Content has bought the rights to the novel “The Good Girl” written by Mary Kubica and published by Mira.  The book is already on the market and available through Amazon.  It’s a story about a kidnapping gone wrong told from different perspectives.  That said, it’s not to be confused with “Gone Girl,” even though it seems on the surface to be similar in plot.  All of the reviews agree it’s a totally different story than “Gone Girl.”

My Choice:  Watch It.  I believe the reviews on Amazon and mixed reviews tell me that it has the potential to become a better story on the big screen during the development process.  On the surface and from the reviews, the novel seems confusing.  That approach might ruin the movie down the road or even worse, prevent me from buying a ticket and watching the movie.  I love movies so I’ll wait on this one.  Then, maybe afterwards, I’ll read the novel.  See, the best of both worlds!

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