What Happens When a Barista Writes “Run” On Your Starbucks Cup?


This is one of the most fascinating ideas I’ve read in a long time. And it came from a posting on Reddit from a Writing Prompt. Whoever came up with this idea should be writing a film based on the concept immediately.

This idea has sort of been haunting me.  What would I do?  Well, Starbucks writes my name on my cup most of the time. Sometimes they write Jane or Sam or even Tom, I have no clue why. But if they wrote Run on my cup, I would not run. I would just wait for my coffee and then I would wonder why they wrote Run on my cup.  By then, it would probably be too late. Maybe there were zombies coming and the word Run was a warning.  If so, I’ve made a bad decision to wait for my coffee.

I could totally seeing this happening in a movie with Jason Bourne or James Bond. Would either of those characters run?

Tipping my hat to Reddit.  The Reddit community, the writers and commenters are brilliant. If you haven’t visited Reddit or joined, please do so today.  You might find out what action to take if a barista writes Run on your Starbucks cup!

Visit Reddit.

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