Adam Wingard and Tyler Marceca – Remember These Names

Netflix is incredible.  Just do a little search and find a new movie.  I love movies.  Most movies.

Recently, I did a little search and stumbled across a great film, “The Guest.”  Actor Dan Stevens was excellent as was the cast, but it was the pacing of the story that was intriguing.  The entire film kept you on the edge of your seat.  It never got boring.  It never had those soft spots that make you want to dump out. Adam Wingard, as a director, kept the energy high until the very last Jason moment.

This film led me to backtrack in Wingard’s career as I found his film, “You’re Next.”  I didn’t have high hopes for it because it was a horror.  But Wingard’s style and pacing of storytelling was riveting.  This was a great film, too.  Now, I’d like to backtrack to the beginning when Wingard made his first film for $2,000.  Can you imagine Hollywood doing that now?

Another great find was the talent of screenwriter Tyler Marceca who wrote The Disciple Program.  This script, which hasn’t been made into a film yet (Why Not, Mark Wahlberg, Why Not?), won a screenwriting contest.  Through a series of events, Marceca was offered representation and his script garnered attention with big name attachments.

When I started reading The Disciple Program, I couldn’t stop.  I read it in one sitting.  Every few pages, there was a twist.  Marceca managed to twist the story all the way to the last page.  Now, I want to see the film.

There are great storytellers out there who need a bigger voice.  Wingard and Marceca are two names you will hear again.  In the end, talent always wins…

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