Which Movie Would You Watch?

There’s news every day in movieland. I love watching films, but not all loglines for films are a draw.

Case in point. Today comes news that the book White Girl Problems will be adapted by two Nicholl’s Fellowship writers. Now, I congratulate the writers because this is good news for the writers to be rewarded with a project. They must be talented. But the logline was a total turnoff.

A wealthy white girl spends a quarter of a million dollars in one afternoon at Barney’s and has to go to shopping rehab.

Ugh. I just can’t do it. Even if it ends up starring Reese Witherspoon or Elizabeth Banks, who is attached as a producer.

Who can relate to this story about a wealthy entitled woman who spends a quarter of a million dollars? I can only relate if she pays for her In-N-Out hamburger in quarters. C’mon. This is absurd. Even the one percent don’t gloat about spending a quarter of a million dollars in one outing.

The number of working poor women in the United States is huge. I just can’t watch a film called White Girl Problems about over-shopping? Really? The book is well-reviewed on Amazon but, for my purposes, I always read the one star reviews on Amazon first.

My advice: Rename “White Girl Problems” immediately and then rewrite the story for today’s world.

In reading the latest deals, I was much more excited about an original idea that will allow some escapism. “The Waiting” will star James Caan and be directed by Production Designer Kasra Farahani. I love that Farahani’s talent was noticed and he was rewarded as a Director. It’s rare for a PD to become a D. That’s the truth in this town. You can count the stories of success in making that transition on one hand. Not easy to do. Even better is the logline for this film.

Two high school filmmakers create the illusion of a haunting on an unsuspecting neighbor.

Now, I want to read this script and see the film. Here is Farahani’s short film entitled Noon that brought him attention as a director. Read the comments on his Vimeo short. He responds to the commenters and explains how he accomplished his short film. The production values are over-the-top for Noon. And it worked. Wishing Farahani great success on “The Waiting.”

My advice: Give Farahani the reigns on this one because the film is in good hands.

“The Waiting” will be a must-see movie I can’t wait to see.

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