Mad Max: Fury Road or Feminist Road?

Aaron Clarey, blogger. I had never heard of him until this bit he wrote about Mad Max: Fury Road being a feminist film.

As I understand it, his sentiments about feminism went viral and he responded.

Isn’t this every blogger’s dream? To stir the waters so your writing goes viral?

Aaron Clarey is all over Reddit. There’s an article on the Daily Mail in the U.K. His name seems to be everywhere I turn online.

As I understand it, Clarey is from Minnesota, he has a bunch of books for sale on Amazon and a podcast. This kind of publicity will only help his cause and his wallet.

Here is NPR’s review of Mad Max. Guess what? NPR called Mad Max: Fury Road a “feminist chase flick.” The New York Post called Charlize Theron a “feminist warrior” in Mad Max. Even Charlize Theron called Mad Max “an incredible feminist movie.”

So, why did this blogger get all of the attention?

One reason. He told people to boycott and not see the film.

C’mon, buddy. Boycotting a film that cost more than $200 million to make? That’s a big budget blockbuster. If people want to watch it, don’t discourage them from escaping their lives of mortgage payments and debt for a couple of hours.

Look, Mr. Clarey. Imagine that you’re a film executive and someone comes up with the idea of remaking Mad Max. But how do we make it a different film? How do we update it? How do we bring it into the future?

Someone finally blurts it out: Let’s use a female lead. Charlize Theron!

It’s a good idea.

What’s wrong with a female lead?

Back in 1997, G.I. Jane had a female lead and a budget of $50 million. That film led to more female leads in other films.

This picture is different than G.I. Jane.

Mad Max already has an established following. The budget is going to guarantee delivery of a big scale action film. Have you seen the trailer?

Did you like it when Linda Hamilton starred in the Terminator films? Especially, Terminator 2?

Did you enjoy Uma Thurman in Kill Bill 1 & 2?

My sons loved the Underworld films starring Kate Beckinsale. My sons are no worse for loving all of those films starring women.

Watch the trailer again.

There is no way Hollywood is tricking men into watching Mad Max: Fury Road. Clearly, that is a woman in the lead role on the trailer. There’s no bait and switch.

Wonder of wonders… Mr. Clarey, what would you have done with a reboot of Mad Max? The opposite of casting Charlize Theron. It probably would have been an exact carbon copy of the first and it would’ve been criticized for being a typical sequel.

If anyone wants to see the film, who cares? See it. Don’t be led astray by Mr. Clarey not to see the film just because it features a strong woman.

Mr. Clarey doesn’t like feminists or feminism. In one of his YouTube videos, he complains about alimony for women. What about the woman who took a break from her career, stayed home with the kids, and doesn’t have the earning power of a man who never had to take a break from his career to raise the kids? What about the woman who becomes the breadwinner overnight when her husband runs off with a younger woman and replaces her? Nope. Mr. Clarey discounts women’s careers, including that of teachers, with disparaging words in his YouTube video. I wonder if he supports the gender wage gap, too?

Apparently in his book, Enjoy the Decline he recommends avoiding marriage and having children. I haven’t read the book, but I see he has quite a following.

America is in decline, but I don’t think he’s figured out exactly how to fix anything, especially the Mad Max franchise.

Watching his videos on YouTube bashing women was especially irritating.

For that reason alone, I’ll be seeing Mad Max: Fury Road.

2 thoughts on “Mad Max: Fury Road or Feminist Road?

  1. I kind of agree with Clarey actually. Max is treated as a secondary character in his own movie and the movie is centered around Furiosa and her motives. He cannot fire a gun as accurately as Furiosa can despite having far more wilderness survival experience than her. Also, he fails to troubleshoot the oil rig to get it going when he briefly steals it from Furiosa and the five wives.


  2. As for Clarey, he’s actually very well-known. He is a ball-room dancing economist who runs a blog called Captain Capitalism, has a weekly podcast, and most famously, runs an online business called “A**hole Consutling.” He charges people to give them advice regarding careers, college degrees (he hates the liberal arts and social science degrees), or to present his outlook on the economy.

    Clarey graduated from the University of Minnesota at the top of his class with a Bachelor’s degree in Finance.
    I’ll be honest. I don’t agree with all of what he says but he is highly informed about the government finances and economics of the US and his anger and bitterness at a soulless, lost society is valid.


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