When DNA is Found on Pizza Crust at a Crime Scene

From the department of “You Can’t Make This Up,” comes this story out of Washington D.C..

Days ago, a high-profile, wealthy family in Washington D.C. was tortured and murdered.

Now, comes the news that the forensics team examined the pizza crust leftover from dinner eaten by the criminals. DNA taken from that Domino’s pizza crust matched someone in the police system and they have a name to match to the crime scene.

It’s an incredible turn of events.

As a result of DNA being found on pizza crust found at the scene of this brutal crime that claimed the lives of four people including a 10-year-old boy, this story is going to work its way into the storytelling of films, movies and videos. I guarantee it.

Saliva left behind on any object can be tested for DNA. But I can’t think of one film where that was a turning point in the story.

This case will affect other cases, too. The forensics teams don’t normally test for saliva left behind on food items at a crime scene, do they? This approach in testing food for DNA changes everything.

Crime scenes will never be the same again… neither will crime scenes in films.

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