Point Break Redeux

How do you bring a hit movie from 1991 into present day for a redeux?

First and foremost, Point Break 2015 has to merge the generations.

What the filmmakers came up with is spot on for today’s generation.

Look at the logline. A young FBI agent infiltrates an extraordinary team of extreme sports athletes he suspects of masterminding a string of unprecedented sophisticated corporate heists.

Extreme sports. It’s a smart move. The cinematography of extreme sports can be incredible. If the story lives up to the adrenaline rush of surfing huge waves, skiing down mountains, wingsuits and parachutes, it should be a box office hit.

As a fan of the original Point Break, I would have have gone in a slightly different direction by keeping Keanu Reeves in the role of Agent Utah while having him train a younger FBI agent. And with Patrick Swayze’s death, I’m surprised they’d create a new character named Bodhi. They could have had Bodhi’s son be the leader of this new movement of complicated heists. It would have added a new level of drama because Utah caused Bodhi’s death in the lethal high waves of Australia at the end of the first film. Wouldn’t Bodhi’s son have wanted revenge on Utah? I still love the idea of incorporating extreme sports.

We won’t be seeing my version. We’ll be seeing the $110 million version. Either way, it should deliver if the story is solid.

We’ll see how it plays out in the box office numbers on Christmas Day 2015.

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