Twisted Mind… Turns “Up” Into Horror Film

There are some twisted minds in the world that are creating…the unthinkable.

Turning the sweet little animated adventure “UP” into a horror film on youtube comes across as a bit of a shocker…at first. Then, watch it a second time and it’s brilliance!

Now, I don’t know who is behind CineMash but in one video, he won me over and I’m a subscriber now. That’s effective marketing, folks.

So, after subscribing, I did a little research. As it turns out, Bobby Burns is the creator. He has 77,071 subscribers on his original YouTube channel and more than 21 million views. He’s a filmmaker, movie reviewer and lover of cinema. He’s also on Vine.

Bobby Burns is 17-years-old.

Note: To all of you 20-something college graduates who are working your tails off in Hollywood and working for free, look at Bobby Burns to see how to create a wealth of entertaining, original content.

Burns has stepped up his game and created new quality content with CineMash. I predict it’s going to take off. It’s his best material yet and a fresh approach to mashing movies together.

Tippin’ my hat to Bobby Burns… remember that name.

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