A Killer of Men Premiere


“A Killer of Men” looks like a great short film and it has the potential to be an amazing feature film.

Credence Entertainment is having a premiere screening of “A Killer of Men” this Wednesday in Hollywood. The trailer is on the website www.AKillerofMen.com.

The film stars Riley Bodenstab of CBS’ “Life in Pieces,” “FX’s “Justified,” and NBC’s “Days of Our Lives.”

“I was attracted to the script because I’ve always loved adventure in life and in films. ‘A Killer of Men’ really captures that adventurous spirit. There were some incredible stunts and action written into the film and though I had a stuntman, Gregg, the director, was very supportive of me doing my own stunts. He got me my motorcycle license and stunt training to create an authentic feel,” Bodenstab explained. “When it comes down to it, the story was incredible, relatable, and the fantasy elements made it even more compelling. It reminds me of the original ‘Mad Max’ and the Australian Western film ‘The Proposition.’”

The film comes from Credence Entertainment which is a newly formed production company and is currently developing film, television, web based series and new media projects with their clients. The company is headed by Tom Klassen, formerly head of packaging at ICM. The new company pursues films and screenplays with purpose, edge, vision and emotion.

Hey, do you have a film? Do you have a screenplay?
Check them out! Credence Entertainment

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