Dustin Hoffman Calling All Actors


Dustin Hoffman is teaching an online Master Class on acting.

Whoever convinced Hoffman to do this is brilliant. Seriously.

Hoffman is one of the nicest people I’ve met in the entertainment industry. He’s very generous and kind with everyone in his path, so I expect that he will be very giving of advice in this online class.

The class is also inexpensive as acting classes go in Hollywood. You can easily spend hundreds of dollars for a month’s worth of acting classes all over Hollywood which only includes one class a week. When I moved to Hollywood many moons ago, I spent a fortune on acting classes. None of those actors went anywhere with their careers as we received a wealth of so-so advice while laying out a bunch of money. “You’re really talented. Out of all of my students, you’re one of the best. If you take the class again next month, you’ll be even better!” We all were told the same thing. Actors trusted this advice and one month grew to two months which grew to six months of the same acting class over and over again. If you’re not getting great work, stir the pot and get new advice.

Hoffman’s class is only $90 and you retain access for life… or as long as the owners of the website remain alive.

I normally balk at anything that is offered for a “lifetime” but I would highly recommend anyone who is serious about acting to invest in Hoffman’s class.

He’s talked about Tootsie in interviews but, I imagine, this class is more about about creating authentic, believable characters. If you can’t afford the acting class with Hoffman for $90, listen to his interview on Inside The Actors Studio. He tells some fascinating stories.

Dustin Hoffman is an Academy Award winning actor. Smart wannabe actors will jump at this class.

Good luck actors!

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