“Ghostbusters 3” Is Filming!

B8YnDX2CcAA8EZsMeet the cast of “Ghostbusters 3:”  Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones.

These photos were originally shared by director Paul Feig on his Twitter account in January 2015.  Now, they’ve been seen filming in Boston.

Many years ago, I remember when my husband and I first saw Leslie Jones performing at The Comedy Store.  She was hilarious and we predicted she would have a career.  We had no idea back then that she would star as one of the four key Ghostbusters in the third incarnation of this project.

There’s a long history to reach this point with the Ghostbusters’ franchise.

Honestly, I think this project went into high gear when Bill Murray talked about it.

There are people who claim they’ve read an old treatment or script for “Ghostbusters 3,” but none of that matters.

There’s a new director in town and a new female-focused draft.

I’ve done a search.  As far as I can tell, there is no official leaked draft online for this version.

So, we’ll have to wait to watch the film when the time comes.  That should be in July 2016.

My expectations are high.  “Ghostbusters 3” with an all-female leading cast should be incredible.

With a $150 million budget and built-in likability of the cast … there’s 100% chance of success.

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