Brian Williams Claims Brief Suspension Was Torture… Despite His Net Worth


Brian Williams was caught lying.  As a result, he was suspended for six months without pay.

He came back on the air to explain why he told people things that weren’t true while claiming his five months off was torture.

Isn’t use of the word “torture” another embellishment or exaggeration?

Let’s look up the definition of torture, shall we?  Torture: the act of inflicting excruciating pain, as punishment or revenge, as a means of getting a confession or information, or for sheer cruelty.

Brian Williams’ net worth is approximately $40 million.  He’s going back on the payroll at NBC with a multi-million dollar contract.

Tell POWs about torture.

Tell the long-time homeless about torture.

Tell people who can’t afford to feed their children about torture.

Tell people who have no clean water to drink about torture.

Brian Williams was not tortured.  He was given a brief suspension.  He was taken off the nightly anchor chair.  He’s still going to sit in a part-time anchor chair with a high paying job at MSNBC. He’s very fortunate.  Unlike most people who are laid off, he was given a multi-million dollar job after his brief suspension.

Brian Williams will be fine.  He is among the 1% – the highest paid, most powerful people in this country.  He was handed a second chance.  He’s very fortunate.

But if he’s going to be any sort of managing editor who will be focused on writing news stories with words, he should choose his words more selectively in the future.  When he writes the word “torture” into a story other than his own, he’d better make sure it is accurate.

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