Predicting Next Movie Plot…”The Watcher”

There’s a bizarre story coming out of New Jersey.

A family bought a beautiful home for $1.3 million, but someone has been sending them threatening letters.

That someone has labeled himself:  The Watcher.

While it would be a horrid thing to receive letter after letter from someone who is watching you, a similar thing happened to me in college.  This guy would call me telling me he saw me different places.  He sent me roses and a note to my apartment. He’d call again. His behavior was escalating.  I tried to be nice, but I ignored it because I knew him from my college classes.  One of my girlfriends answered the phone one day and told him to leave me alone.

After I graduated from college, his behavior continued.  I became a radio news anchor and I had appearances to make in the community.  One of those appearances was at a local shopping mall.  We had an excellent turnout as we had a live remote, signed autographs and met with our fans for a few hours.

When I got home that evening, my phone rang. It was this guy… again.

This time he said, “I was at the mall today… watching you…”

He didn’t come over and say hello.  Instead, he said he just watched me while hiding behind a pillar in the middle of the mall.  It was creepy.  He even called my mother one time after that episode.  My mother discouraged his behavior.  He had created this entire scenario in his head that we were having a relationship, which we were not. It was… unsettling.  This was before the term “stalker” came into play.

I moved to sunny California and he tracked me down again.  He contacted me from Pennsylvania, but eventually, I stopped hearing from him.

I predict this will be the next movie plot… “The Watcher.”

More people can identify with the story that this unfortunate family is going through.  They can’t live in their home as someone is watching them and apparently threatening their children.  How bizarre.  I hope “The Watcher” is caught and jailed for life.  Otherwise, how is the family going to get on with their lives?  The media has identified the family by name and they’re easy to find on the Internet as their family photos have been pulled from social media to use in the story.  Meanwhile, the police have no suspects yet.  I also predict… he will be caught.

Still, as awful as it is, it would make a great plot for a movie.  It hasn’t been done like this before with someone sending letters such as these.  If I were writing this script, I would give the audience closure and deliver a strong message to anyone who enjoys harassing anyone else in this way.  I’d give it a twist, but trust me, in my version, “The Watcher” wouldn’t be harassing anyone anymore.  Problem solved.

Craziness inspires art.  It also inspires… a warning.

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