Arnold Schwarzenegger: Three Photos of the Terminator

There are three fascinating photos of actor Arnold Schwarzenegger in the makeup chair on Reddit.


We all age.  Actors age.  But what I found most interesting about this post and the series of photographs was Schwarzenegger’s age in the photos.  He looks really young in the original feature film, but in fact, he was around the age of 36 when it was filmed. In the last photo, he was around the age of 66. I had no idea there were that many years before the first film and the most recent.

It’s interesting to take a step back and watch the original trailer of The Terminator from 1984.  It is a film that holds up even today.  I watched it recently and it was still entertaining.  How many Sarah Connor’s can there be in the phone book?  If the Internet would have been available back then, imagine how that scene would have played out differently.  He’d still be stuck in Act I searching all over the world.

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