Shooting Deaths of Production Assistants


The latest shooting death of a Production Assistant in Hollywood only happened days ago.

Carrie Jean Melvin was murdered in Hollywood near Sunset and Highland.  It’s insane.

Police claim it’s a random act of violence, but why would anyone walk up to another person and execute her by shooting her in the back of the head?  Senseless.  Just senseless.

Last year, another production assistant was shot and killed accidentally by the LAPD.  His name was John Winkler.

Productions Assistants receive low pay, but they have big dreams in this town.  I know a lot of production assistants.  And this latest shooting hits home for the entire film community.

When there is an execution style killing, it’s alarming.

When one of us is accidentally shot and killed, it’s equally as disturbing.

Our thoughts are with both of these families.

If anyone has any information on the latest shooting call LAPD homicide detectives at (877) LAPD-247.

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