Dead “Seinfeld” Actors: Exposure for Older Actors


The main actors of the “Seinfeld” cast are alive and well.  They’re funny, they’re performing and they’re successful.

However, many of the “Seinfeld” character actors are now dead.

There’s a bigger picture to the story of the living and the dead from “Seinfeld.”  And that is this:  “Seinfeld” fearlessly featured middle-aged and older actors in the TV show.

This is rare.

In this world of ageism and judging people for their age rather than their experience, “Seinfeld” embraced using actors between the ages of 40 to 70 regularly.  It was also something families would know and feel familiar with in the context of storytelling.

Everyone remembers Uncle Leo and Morty Seinfeld because we know those characters in our own families. They sit at our dinner tables or they attend our family reunions. We laugh at the familiarity.  “Seinfeld” valued those older characters.

Today’s landscape is scaling younger and younger in television.  It works and there’s an audience for it, but for balance, where are today’s “Golden Girls” or shows featuring several memorable older character actors?

There’s an audience for every age group from teenagers to lifetime inspired.

When writing your script, think about adding an older character with some chutzpah.  Drop familiar breadcrumbs to help your audience connect by creating some real yet spirited characters they already feel they know.

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