Documentary Film: Employment Crisis and Reinvention on Skid Row in Los Angeles


There is a crisis in gaining employment in Los Angeles. Reinventing yourself in your 40s is hard.

My friend, Michael, lost his job and in a common trickle down effect, he lost everything and ended up on Skid Row in Los Angeles.

I’ve known Michael for seven years through the funeral industry.  Starting over again and navigating the online employment application process is difficult.  The process requires hours of Internet access.  Many of the jobs that are advertised are already filled internally.

If you apply to jobs on Craigslist, you might get an interview but then be labeled as overqualified due to your college education and your age.

Even college students in their 20s are searching for paid jobs for six months to 18 months garnering only a few interviews.  Look at the chatter on Reddit.  There are a bunch of sad, frustrating, depressing tales of trying to find a paid job.  Some of those folks end up homeless like Michael did.

You must have perseverance.  You must keep going.  You must contribute in some way while you’re looking for a job.

In hoping to get Michael off of Skid Row, I wanted to tell his story to help him get a job offer.

This film is dedicated to all of the unemployed who are searching for jobs but are uncounted because they don’t qualify for unemployment benefits.  You are not alone.

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