El Chapo Escape Will Be a Movie

Update:  Ridley Scott to Tackle El Chapo for Fox

El Chapo is the talk of the world.  Stories about his escape from prison are being shared and re-shared on websites, blogs, and throughout online communities.  The story has gotten so big that it will most likely be made into a movie.  And it reminds me of another movie.

In “Shawshank Redemption,” the prisoners who escaped were heroes.

Tim Robbins character escaped but he wasn’t guilty.

Despite the fact that he is a convicted Mexican drug kingpin, some see El Chapo as a hero.

Which way you view El Chapo doesn’t matter.  The story of his latest escape is extraordinary, complicated and fitting of an incredible tale on the big screen.

How did he escape from prison?

A huge amount of money, a lengthy tunnel and a lot of inside and outside deals probably helped him find his freedom.

And now there’s word that possibly a little bird was used to test the air levels in the tunnel.  How do they know this?  A little dead bird was found in El Chapo’s trashcan after his escape.

I can already see the filmmaker’s shot following the little bird flying through the tunnel and up through the hole into El Chapo’s shower stall.  And then, most likely, El Chapo breaks the little bird’s neck and throws the bird into the trashcan so it doesn’t expose his escape plan.

For a moment you see him pacing back and forth … and then, like magic, he’s gone.  It looks like a film in the making…

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