Big Names Going to Netflix and Amazon Studios… Is YouTube Next?


The market is always changing and everyone is always open to a new opportunity.

Film folks used to stay in film.

Then, film folks went to cable.

The cable folks went to TV.

And the TV folks went to YouTube web series and the Internet.

At first, industry folks were leery about Netflix and Amazon Studios, but things have changed.

The Netflix success of “House of Cards” and “Orange is the New Black” changed everything.

Now, everyone seems to be streaming over to Netflix and Amazon pitching their projects.

Angelina Jolie is setting up an original picture at Netflix.

David E. Kelley is setting up a 10-episode series featuring Billy Bob Thornton at Amazon Studios.

Gerard Depardieu will star in a series on Netflix.

Spike Lee is casting his film at Amazon Studios.

The list goes on…

The playing field has transformed again.  And all of those people who were squeezed out of major studio deals need to go somewhere.

My prediction: The market on YouTube is going to be flooded with people trying to establish a web series and turn it into a deal at one of the major studios.  Everyone seems to have an idea.  And each idea is potentially profitable.

If you’re not familiar with, you should be.  Enter a YouTube user name and prepare to be stunned. Check out how much money you could making with each web series.  It doesn’t matter whether it’s reality, scripted, science or cooking show.  It may mean $$$$.

For example, The Slow Mo Guys are huge right now.  With 5.5 million subscribers and 575 million views, their yearly earnings are estimated between $46K and $741K on SocialBlade.  Impressive.  (In the time I’ve been writing this article, The Slow Mo Guys cash numbers have increased twice.)  But that’s nothing compared to other sites.

Video hosting services such as Vevo are huge and make big bucks.  Look at the number one listing and estimated earnings for TaylorSwiftVevo. ($1.1 million to $17 .3 million annual income – note numbers may increase at any moment.)

And if you’re a suit and you don’t know who PewDiePie is you’d better do your research.  It’s estimated he’s profiting up to $15 million a year with his video series. He’s how old?  25?

Check out the Top 100 list of YouTubers.

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