Original Viral Content Hitmakers Part One: Nash Grier


The kids who generate original viral content have millions of followers that could lead to box office hits.

Let’s start with 17-year-old Nash Grier.  He joined Twitter in 2011 and has 4.84 million followers. He has 12 million followers on Vine.  He has 4.47 million subscribers and 158 million views on YouTube.  He has 8 million followers on Instagram.

Here is Nash Grier’s take on his own story on Huffington Post.  Annually, he makes up to $286.5K on YouTube alone, according to Social Blade.  He’s paid big bucks for product placement promotion in his Vine videos.  And his net worth is reportedly above the $1 million mark.

He’s a successful private school kid that lives in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Welcome to the world of Nash Grier.

Hollywood noticed his following.  He’s represented by William Morris Endeavor Entertainment, 26 MGMT, and several publicists. His film “The Outfield” will be in the movie theaters in 2016.  The film also stars our next subject and original viral content hitmaker:  Cameron Dallas.

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