Original Viral Content Hitmakers Part Two: Cameron Dallas


Meet 20-year-old Cameron Dallas from Chino Hills, California.  He has 8 million followers on Vine.  He has 7.1 million followers on Instagram.  He has 3.73 million subscribers and 124.9 million views on YouTube.  According to Social Blade, he makes up to $360.8K a year with his YouTube videos.  He’s represented by William Morris Endeavor, 26 MGMT, and several publicists.  He has appeared as an actor in both television and film.  His next film is The Outfield.

Logline for The Outfield: Three Varsity baseball players, who have been best friends since childhood, enter their senior year of high school and navigate difficult choices on and off the field, unknowing of their paths to be together or separate going into college.

Cameron Dallas definitely has a team in place for success.  His net worth is reportedly $1.2 million.  And it all started with his online original videos.

He even has a blooper reel.

And he’s been featured on TMZ… for being arrested.

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