“The Gift” $5 Million Success?


Films don’t have to cost a fortune to be deemed a success. It’s all about storytelling and marketing.

“The Gift” was made for $5 million and, in a couple of weeks, it’s already grossed $24 million.  Word-of-mouth on the film is spreading and the reviews are excellent.

Actor Jason Bateman is getting attention for a terrific performance.  The guy should be good.  He’s been acting since he was a kid.  Bateman is likable and believable in everything he does.  He’s even likable when being interviewed by Howard Stern.

Logline:  A young married couple’s lives are thrown into a harrowing tailspin when an acquaintance from the husband’s past brings mysterious gifts and a horrifying secret to light after more than 20 years.

The trailer plays like a younger, male version of “Fatal Attraction.”

Dead Fish in “The Gift”… Dead rabbit in “Fatal Attraction.”

Robyn, the wife looks into the kitchen and around the corner… is there something boiling on the stove?

Simon says… Simon says… “I will not be ignored!”

This all seems to remind me of Glenn Close.  Brilliant marketing for every age group that has watched “Fatal Attraction.”

I love thrillers.  And I hope this film offers a complex mystery with a huge payoff at the end.  Ambiguous endings don’t do it for me anymore.  Ambiguity, confusion and dangling plots are irritating.

Glenn Close’s character is shot and killed by the wife.  That’s a payoff.

Give me a strong ending that leaves me satisfied.

With the movie trailer alone, this film captures my vote to spend movie dollars.

One thought on ““The Gift” $5 Million Success?

  1. Although I usually don’t go to many horror movies, this was very creepy but fascinating. Great acting with a sense of dread. I got this from the library and could have returned it, no loss of money, by not watching the end. But I wanted to know. 🙂 Robin

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