War Room, Hit Faith-Based Film and Gospel Singers


“War Room” is a faith-based hit.

Right now, it’s the talk of the town in Hollywood.  It cost only $3 million to make but it’s already grossed $12 million dollars in its opening weekend.

For a Christian film, that’s shocking especially in a town where actress Mayim Bialik says “it’s not trendy to be religious.”

“War Room” was written by two brothers, Alex and Stephen Kendrick.  Ministers got involved and started to encourage their congregations to see the film.  And now the film is making bank.

Logline:  A seemingly perfect family look to fix their problems with the help of Miss Clara, an older, wiser woman.

Is it becoming more popular to talk about prayer, religion, or spirituality?  This success makes a big statement about people wanting to be more open to sharing their faith.

Also, I discovered The Eagle Rock Gospel Singers that are going on a national tour.

This group is AMAZING!  Now, if you could get the Kendrick brothers to see The Eagle Rock Gospel Singers for their next faith-based film, the results could be amazing.

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